Stay Cool and Hydrated in Summer

Staying on top of your water intake can be difficult but, with the high levels of heat and humidity during the summer months, waiting until you feel thirsty is waiting too long. By this time you’ll already be slightly dehydrated, and you may be feeling sluggish, fatigued and hungry.

It's better to maintain a balance of fluid in the tissues by making it a habit to sip water all day long – that way you don't have to play catch up later. By doing this, you won't have to guzzle the old eight glasses a day, and your tissues will receive what they need on an ongoing basis. Dehydration will no longer be an issue for you because your thirst mechanism won't get turned on, and your energy level and mood will stabilize as a result.

You don't just have to drink water. There are many delicious, colorful and nutritious sources of protein and micro nutrients in the plant kingdom which are also very hydrating.

There are plenty of foods to choose from including:

Fruits: berries, watermelon, rhubarb, and apples

Vegetables: snap peas, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes

Greens: kale, collard greens, bok choy, lettuce, spinach

Herbs: fresh parsley, cilantro, basil, thyme, oregano, mint

Nuts: almonds, walnuts, pecans, brazil nuts

Keep the herbs on your windowsill so that they're close for the picking, and enjoy them frequently. Any of the bitter astringent plants also work well to keep the body alkaline. The heat can create acidity in the body so this is a nice balance.

Stay away from the dairy, meat, chicken, and fish.

Remembering to drink your water will impact all areas of your health and wellness.

Happy Disposition

Adequate hydration, through drinking water and eating foods with high water content, enhances energy levels in the brain and muscles. Instead of feeling sapped and deflated you'll feel pumped up and pleasant. Overall, you'll have a happier disposition.

Happy World

By increasing your fruit and green veggie choices, and loving the gifts of the plants, you connect with the natural world – acknowledging that the world around you is part of what makes your body and mind happy. We’re not boxed, canned or packaged. Just like plants, we’re living, breathing, multiplying, regenerating beings.

Happy Digestion

Staying hydrated will also help with digestion and elimination by maintaining an inner eco-environment where foods move easily through the system with a greatly reduced transit time.

Only ever being three quarters of the way full is actually a great feeling. By eating in this way, you'll leave space for good circulation and high immunity in the intestines and colon. The less full you feel in hot weather, the easier your body can regulate its' own temperature because it won't be working hard to digest heavy or excess foods.

Happy Skin

Drinking enough water improves the look and feel of your skin: plumping it slightly for that youthful, dewy, fresh-faced appearance. People always comment on my  youthful glow and ask which creams, treatments, spa choices or fillers I use. The answer is simple and easy: none of the above – just good-old-fashioned water. Yes, I use inexpensive oils or creams to moisturize and protect the skin, but I believe that it's the water that truly keeps the glow on. Being conscious of the way you drink your water, the amount that you drink, and how you energize the water before taking a sip makes all the difference when it comes to your skin and overall well being.

8 Ideas for Staying Hydrated during the Hot Summer Months

 1.  Drink a small glass of water when you first wake up to flush away the toxins and begin re hydrating after a night of fasting. Make it a ten second habit to look into the glass or water bottle before you sip, and say a simple positive comment, affirmation or intention to charge the molecules with even more light. The idea of being conscious and appreciative for your water will increase its' benefits.

 2. Try eating fruits for breakfast: they’re mostly made up of water. Have a different piece of fruit with a few nuts for a mid morning and afternoon snack so your brain stays sharp and focused. Try having a small handful of baby spinach too.

3. Carry a bottle of lemon infused water with you to sip during the day. Keep a pitcher of water and some orange or cucumber slices in the refrigerator to delight the eyes and inspire you to sip more.

4.  Enjoy your salads with a little plant protein so that you feel light, hydrated and nourished.

5. Drop a couple of peppermint tea bags in a thermos of hot water and let it cool. Stuff fresh mint leaves in for a refreshing herb infused treat that does the body good.

6. Alternate between a one-minute hot and one-minute cold water shower to open and close your pores. This will help the body to effectively regulate its' own temperature.

7. Keep a spray bottle with you and frequently mist your face, neck, wrists, elbows and behind the knees to keep your body temperature steady and your skin looking dewy.

8. Keep yourself in peace during the heat. Choose less strenuous exercise routines so that you don’t deplete your water reserves. Yoga is a perfect choice.

Becoming foggy, groggy and grumpy is easy when the body is sweating or perspiring without being re hydrated. Reaching for energy drinks, soda, or other infusions in water can pull moisture from the tissues if taken in large quantities. Stick with pure clean simple water as your number one choice, and reap the benefits immediately.

Remember: little frequent sips are easy on the body, give it less work to do, and may just be your new favorite way of improving your health and well-being.