Before OR After - Best time to Juice Cleanse

June 26, 2014

Ok, so you know a cleanse is good for you.

You've heard about all the benefits, and the reasons for going through the process.

Maybe you've even done a cleanse and had a good experience (not that it was easy!).

But, when it comes time to do another, timing it right may seem tricky.


Deciding when to fit a cleanse into your life can often be the #1 excuse that keeps you from doing it, and/or succeeding.

With a holiday weekend approaching, I feel its a good time to look at the Timing of a Juice Cleanse.

Here are the factors to consider:

1.  Schedule.  Examine closely the time frame you are looking to add a cleanse and consider your entire agenda.  This includes meetings, dates, dentist appointments, holidays, deadlines, and for women even their monthly cycle.  For example, when I chose my cleanse dates for April I started the 3 days when I was actually was busiest with my tax preparation!  This was unintentional and by the end of the first day I was wiped out.  That particular month the 3 day cleanse was more difficult.  Any other time, I have made sure my personal and business schedule allows for downtime (like a nap!) and limited social engagements.

2.  Results.  What are you hoping to achieve this Cleanse?  If your desire is to drop a couple of sizes before a big event, a cleanse could be an option (though hopefully not the only reason!).  So planning a cleanse about 4 - 5 days pre-event will be beneficial.  You will emerge lighter, with clearer skin, more rested and be less likely to binge on "party" foods.   If your desire is more along the lines of detox, planning a cleanse after an event will be helpful.  Although, I have found more people have better  results with several days of eating clean pre cleanse.  A detox cleanse can leave you totally crashing as your body has more toxins to deal with.  

3.  Toxicity.  The last consideration is very important.  If it has been a long time and your eating/drinking habits are less than ideal, a juice cleanse may be to extreme.  If you cleanse regularly (like 1x a month) you are probably ok, but if not you may benefit even more by eating clean for a month.  Planning a Vegan or Plant based diet with 80% alkaline foods and drinks can help you get back on track and save your juice cleanse till the month is over.


Whatever you decide - keeping mindful of your consumption will help you stay on top of the Health meter!  If you do decide to Cleanse this holiday, let me know and I'll send you some inspiration a la internet!