Restful Sleep

Restful sleep provides the foundation for your mental and physical well being. After a
day of stimulating activity your body is ready for and needs deep sleep. We recommend a
minimum of 6-8 hours of restful sleep each night for maximum rejuvenation. Hours of sleep
before midnight are generally the most rejuvenating. Therefore, if you are sleeping eight
hours between ten P.M. and six A.M., you will feel more rested than if you slept eight hours
between midnight and eight A.M.

Many of our clients looking to achieve weight loss and health goals often complain about a lack of sleep.  We can preach about the importance of sleep but in the end its all about setting a new routine and making sleep a priority - like when you have a new baby!  After time, you will have no trouble associating sleep with your bed, but for now, if you need help winding down from the day and falling asleep, we suggest the following routine:

-Eat a relatively light dinner - this translates to eating your largest meal at lunchtime so you have plenty of time to digest, then your dinner meal will be lighter so you are not going to bed and wasting your sleep hours digesting foods
-Take a leisurely stroll after dinner to help connect with nature and process your day
-To the extent possible, minimize exciting, irritating, or mentally intensive activities after
8:30 P.M.(like the nightly news!)
-About an hour before bedtime, run a warm bath into which you place a few drops of
Relaxing aromatic Oil
-Diffuse relaxing aromas in your bedroom.
-While soaking, have the lights low or burn a candle, and listen to soothing music
-After your bath, drink a cup of warm relaxing herbal tea.
-If your mind is very active, journal for a few minutes before bed, “downloading” some of
your thoughts and concerns so you don’t need to ruminate about them when you shut your
-Read inspirational or spiritual literature for a few minutes before bed. Avoid dramatic
novels or distressing reading material.
-Do not watch television or do any work in bed.
-Once in bed, close your eyes and simply “feel your body” – this means focus on your body
and wherever you notice tension, consciously relax that area.
-Then, simply watch your slow easy breathing until you fall asleep.