Embracing Fall Change

A huge part of Bee Green World is our roots in the ancient teachings of Ayurveda.  Ayurveda dates back over 5000 years and translates to mean "The Science of Life".  The teachings of Ayurveda help us find balance within our bodies as well as within our extended universal body and planet.

As the seasons change, the Ayurvedic wisdom offers helpful guidance and solutions to allow us to flow with nature and the effects of the elements that occur with the seasonal shifts.  The 5 elements of Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth are always present but in different increments during the seasons, and this has a direct effect on the human environment as well.  Utilizing the knowledge of Ayurveda and flowing with the changes will have amazing benefits to our bodies and our life overall.

The Fall season is ruled by "Vata" and Vata is dominated by the 2 elements of Space and Air.  Both elements are cold and the element of Air represents movement and wind.  For some, Fall can be an exhilarating transition; for others, it can be a whirlwind that can lift them spinning into mid-air (or at least it can feel like that). There is a lot of activity and movement, as well as a dryness and a cool lightness in the air.

The most challenging thing to do at this time of year, may be to implement a routine and stay present with the changing season.   Routines are designed by nature to stabilize, nurture, and nourish us. The body loves and responds to routine with glowing health. A daily practice for fall brings much needed stability, which is most important for thriving within the mutable nature of this season.

Choose and set in place your routines for the day. These are your anchors and they will bring you to a balanced and grounded place. There is a temptation to do everything all at once. Keep it simple. Commit to staying with the practices that work best for you. Each day we have the opportunity to create a sustainable routine that will benefit and reward us in the long-term with the good health we need to accomplish our life goals and thrive.

We cannot fake good health, but we do get to choose great health. All it takes is one day at a time.