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“Great tasting drinks (x2 smoothies & x4 juices). These were the best cleansing drinks I have tasted. I felt satisfied the whole time. There service is phenomenal too. They deliver the drinks the night before you start your cleanse and they are always free to answer questions.”
— Kathleen

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I ordered the cleanse from the Living Social and absolutely LOVED it. The smoothies were very filling and tasted great. The staff got back to me as soon as I contacted them although I knew they were completely slammed by the deal that I got. I immediately re-ordered and got a taste of the yummy food! This is by far the best deal around San Diego for home delivery vegan, healthy foods and smoothies. I highly recommend the company and cleanse.
— Lisa

Each and every one of the smoothies are delicious! This is a wonderful cleanse…I had good energy by the end of the 1st day. I did supplement with raw veggies on both days, not because I was hungry, but because I wanted something to chew on. I am looking forward to doing another cleanse, for 5 days next time. Overall, I am 100% impressed. This was well worth the Groupon value, considering what I would pay for something comparable at the market, or adding all the ingredients for my own juicing. Delivery and presentation was top notch. Some of the reviews that I read on YELP were completely different from my overall experience.
— Happy Customer