Green Empanadas with Special Guest

Today too many people blame the fast food industry for the weight of our nation, when in fact the best portable kid friendly food is the fast food green antioxidant baja mex nopale empanada pampera. Food is food there is food eaten for the purpose of health and then there are foods which are useless for your health and will make you sick.

We had some very special guests visit last week here at the Ranch and put them to work!  Both my husband, Pablo and best friend, Gabi are from Argentina and ever since visiting the South I fell in love with the deliciousness and simplicity of the "Empanada"!  Gabi makes these treats when we visit together in San Diego, so we asked if he could bring his tools down here to San Felipe for a Veggie version with the kids.

Easy and fun, we broke out the Argentine wine, chopped the veggies, and heated up the kitchen.