We are dedicated to lightening up the footprint of humanity:  both for our physical bodies and for the preservation of our planet.

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Healthy Body

The population of the planet is suffering more than necessary with food related diseases that are totally preventable

Our food choices have both immediate and long term consequences on our physical bodies and either give us vitality through rich energy sources, or deplete us and cause disease.

Simple tools can help make a difference, 1 step at a time...

Healthy Body



Healthy Mind

Our beautiful minds are programmed at a very young age and continue to develop throughout our lives

We make choices based on our individual perspective and the surrounding circumstances

When we feel good, we make good choices, we become conscious, we live "in the now"

When we don't feel good, well...

Healthy Mind 

Healthy Planet

Considered the "Lungs of the Planet" the tropical rainforests are being cut down at alarming rates. 

Now, mostly because of our expansion in cattle raising.

There are many easy changes you can make at home that can make a difference in the life of our planet


Healthy Planet