Detoxify, Reset, and Renew...

All our blends are hand crafted and seasonal to help you stay in harmony with mother nature!  A full spectrum of fiber, antioxidants, and greens will help keep you running on clean fuel for the duration of your cleanse.  Our products are designed with the planet in mind - eating more fruits and veggies will help our earth return to harmony



Our Signature Cleanse is a mix of raw, organic, cold pressed juices and blends to deliver an energy packed day and ensure your body receives the diversity of taste and nutrients.  Each of our bottles are hand crafted and poured right before your box is packed.  A day of our Signature Cleanse includes 6 juices/blends according to the Season and labeled with a suggested time of day in rhythm with the life as according to Ayurveda.  Choose between a 1 day reset and up to a 5 day week cleanse depending on your needs



Our Purify Cleanse is a boosted version of our Signature Cleanse with a mix of raw, organic, cold pressed juices and blends to deliver an energy packed day and ensure your body receives the diversity of taste and nutrients, and an additional cleansing boost.  In addition to our daily Cleanse blends: the Sunrise, Noon, and Happy Hour blends include Vitamineral Greens with enzymes, probiotics, sea greens and more.  Our 7pm is an Ayurvedic Tea with a special digestive blend to heal your body during the evening

A juice cleanse provides plenty of nutrition from whole, organic veggies and fruits as well as nuts, seeds, and amazing plant based proteins!  The ultimate reason for a juice cleanse is to give the digestive system a break from processed foods, animal fats, alcohol and toxins, in addition to filtering the liver, kidneys and gall bladder. The result is clean energy and a full body reset - allowing you to make better choices in the future. A juice cleanse should leave you energized, balanced and focused.

Winter/Spring Juice Menu

I ordered the cleanse from the Living Social and absolutely LOVED it. The smoothies were very filling and tasted great. The staff got back to me as soon as I contacted them although I knew they were completely slammed by the deal that I got. I immediately re-ordered and got a taste of the yummy food! This is by far the best deal around San Diego for home delivery vegan, healthy foods and smoothies. I highly recommend the company and cleanse.
— Lisa
I am in love with Bee Green smoothies. They are always refreshing and they make me feel like I can tackle the day after drinking one. I love their Banana Rama because it has a load of vegan plant-based protein and a delicious mix of fruit flavor (though it is green). I also love The Alkalizer smoothie. It’s got the grapefruit and leafy greens which my blood type likes. Love the vegan raw food vision and am very pleased with Bee Green’s passion for good health.
— Carole