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Choose from our 5 Signature Blends and receive 6 16oz. of each for a week of juice


Balance your diet or get a jump start on a weight loss plan - 2 per day will cover Breakfast and a the afternoon crunch time

or...share with a mate and keep everyone healthy and happy


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Absolutely LOVE this stuff. My favorite is GREEN FLASH, which I typically always drink before my workout or when I need some energy throughout the day. I would drink the smoothies all day if I could!

Not to mention... The meals are quite tasty too :) I will most definitely continue to support this local business and look forward to them introducing new flavors.
— Tyler
I am in love with Bee Green smoothies. They are always refreshing and they make me feel like I can tackle the day after drinking one. I love their Banana Rama because it has a load of vegan plant-based protein and a delicious mix of fruit flavor (though it is green). I also love The Alkalizer smoothie. It’s got the grapefruit and leafy greens which my blood type likes. Love the vegan raw food vision and am very pleased with Bee Green’s passion for good health.
— Carole