Journey into our Wellness Retreat

How can 3 days re charge my life?  Step into a journey at our Wellness Retreat and find out more...

Routine:  for 3 days we will follow a daily routine in the flow with Nature.  Summer months bring the longest days and we will utilize the energy of the Sun to allow a shift within the body to take place so our return to our regular schedules will bring lasting change. 

At the beginning of our retreat we will teach you the early morning routine to waken your body in the comfort of your home (or hotel) allowing you to shake off sleep and prepare for the day.

8am - Ready to Meet - gathering as a group, we will enjoy our first juice of the day called the "Essentials".  Full of Alkalizing greens, sweet apple, ginger, and more, we will prepare and sip (and sip and sip).  You will learn the benefits of each of the ingredients, why this is our first juice of choice, why in the summertime, and learn to modify the ingredients to best fit your body constitution.  Here we will also discuss different types of juicers, blenders and great early morning tips.

9am - Time to Move!  Our morning classes and activities will have the moves to get the blood pumping.  We will explore different types of Yoga, Pilates, and Cardio activities to get our digestion flowing and hearts beating.  Depending on the weather, we will choose combinations of inside and outdoor events as a group.

10:30 - Water and Smoothie time.  As the morning turns Sunny, and our bodies get hungry, we will hydrate from our early activity with Alkaline Rich Water and Break out the blenders.  Concoctions full of nuts, seasonal fruits and veggies, and sweet coconut will be readily available for our mid morning treat.  Up for discussing, difference between blending and juicing and benefits of both.

11am - Workshop - "I am where I am" - Getting real with where we are in our lives, deciding where we want to go, and making a map...We will review our physical bodies, get a bit real with what we've been doing the past ?? years and share tools for creating a body you love and are proud to present each day.

12:30 - Lunchtime.  Roasted Seasonal Veggie Quinoa with Kale Salad

2:30 - Juice and Movie Time - we will be showing a handful of amazing, inspiring, life changing movies during the quiet time of the afternoon.  You are welcome to get comfy with us or take a nap :-)  Juices will be already prepared and ready to drink

4pm - Movement and Meditation...a gentler version of movement, we will bring our attention inwards towards our bodies and mind.  This is a great opportunity to integrate the energy and information of the day and process through movement and letting go.  Our class will focus on breath, awareness, and meditation in the end.

6pm - Hydration and Juice - final juice of the day will be available after class to quench thirst as well as stimulate appetite with lemon and ginger.

6pm - Walk to Dinner - our final meal of the day will be shared at a sunset location where dinner will be waiting!  Dinner meals have a light theme with  salads, fruits, vegetables, and raw dishes...We will eat, enjoy, chat, and as the day winds down, prepare for tomorrow....