What is a mind "fart"?

One of my favorite teachers, Wayne Dyer, wrote a book that he later lectured upon called “Excuses Begone!” In the work, he described his version of thoughts that either enhance our life or hinder. “Meme’s” were thoughts he liked to call “mind farts” - a thought like any other that you could either believe to be true or not be true. If the thought was depleting like “I can’t do it” our body and our motivation to do the work was lost and if we believed the thought, then we could literally not do what we said. These thoughts are “memes”.

We have thoughts all day long. Many of which are memes. When much of this work first came out, people tried to suck the memes back in, saying things like “cancel, cancel” or immediately trying to change the thought toward one of positive appreciation. The practice of affirmations became popular and we went about affirming about our lives to replace the lesser more negative thoughts. For some, this might work, especially on the little things that don’t hold strong emotion. But for others, when it came to what we considered the “big” things in our life, we became frustrated.

We realized we cannot control all the thoughts we have in the day, and those with strong emotions tied in are even harder to overcome. But, what Wayne Dyer proposed was the choice we had when the thoughts arose. He asked the question, “What would happen if you couldn’t think the thought?” Hmmm, if I couldn’t think the thought, “I can’t do it” then would I be able to do it? He then asked, “Is the thought true, 100%” meaning fully and completely the thought is true with not even 1% of possibility it is not true. This gave us a chance! Even if there is 1% chance we CAN do it, then wouldn’t that thought be more encouraging? When you break down the reality that of the meme, and ask the questions, then the meme has potential to become a positive thought.

For those who are familiar with thoughts and energy, if our thoughts create emotions, and our emotions determine our vibration and our vibration gives us momentum for action, then truly we can be, do, or have everything we desire.

Practice this now...what thoughts are you having about reaching your goals this month? If it’s a positive belief that you can do it, then you are well on the path toward the transformation necessary toward well being. If you have doubts, worries, or thoughts of disbelief like “my family won’t support my new diet during the holidays!”, ask yourself, “What if you couldn’t think that thought?”, and “Is that 100% true?”. Just turning the idea or meme around to the other end of the thought, opens up possibility and potential. What if your family did support your new lifestyle and even asked you for some recipes so you could help them get on the same page with theirs?

Possibility, all it needs is that 1%

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