As far as taste goes, these are also the BEST tasting juices I have ever had during a cleanse. In the past I have always found cleanses to have those one or two juices that were just undrinkable. Bee Green does not appear to have one bad juice. In fact, I would really consider drinking all of these juices during my normal healthy diet, they’re that good.
— Alexa
Each and every one of the smoothies are delicious! This is a wonderful cleanse…I had good energy by the end of the 1st day. I did supplement with raw veggies on both days, not because I was hungry, but because I wanted something to chew on. I am looking forward to doing another cleanse, for 5 days next time. Overall, I am 100% impressed. This was well worth the Groupon value, considering what I would pay for something comparable at the market, or adding all the ingredients for my own juicing. Delivery and presentation was top notch. Some of the reviews that I read on YELP were completely different from my overall experience
As for the Juices themselves, they really were delicious. There were different flavors and the bottles were all marked with the times you are to drink them. I really found them super tasty and filling. I thought I would be a zombie for those 3 days but I felt fine. I never really felt hungry either at any time through the 3 days. I even went for a jog on day two and three. I would drink those juices regularly even when not doing a cleanse because they are good and you can feel the benefits right away.
— Jules